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The Shoreditch Fashion Show @ Oval Space

Last Saturday, I discovered that The Shoreditch Fashion Show was running...on that very same day! It was through Twitter via @TheMovement_UK that I made the discovery. 

Ten minutes later, tickets were booked! 

The Shoreditch Fashion Show was the first fashion show I attended and it did not disappoint. Various up and coming designer brands, as well as well established ones showcased their latest collections and there was a lot of aesthetic inspiration I could draw from them for my brand - especially with regards to patterning. Although the clothing on show was not t-shirts or sweatshirts, there were a lot of little elements which could be positively drawn from the event. 

The Shoreditch Fashion Show

The Shoreditch Fashion Show

Just to insert - the clothing on the night was completely world class and I am sure anyone who is a dab hand at designing dresses or simply likes them, would have loved this! 

Oliver Proudlock and myself pose for the camera.

Oliver Proudlock and myself pose for the camera.

 The awesome night consisted of networking, bumping into Oliver Proudlock (of Made In Chelsea / Oliver Sweeney / Serge De Nimes fame) who was a very cool dude, watching Kill It Kid and Ruffio Summers perform, and getting an all round experience of how a fashion show pans out. I will definitely be returning for the next Shoreditch Fashion Show and I highly recommend it to anyone who has any interest in fashion.  

I am sure The Shoreditch Fashion Show and Roy Ikoroha will cross paths again soon. 


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