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Art, Design, Music & Fashion for Black History Month (3/10/13)


I recently attended a Black History Month event in Tottenham which celebrated the various talents of young entrepreneurs across many disciplines including Art and music. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase my brand Labels Are Limitations and to get many others to understand the message that the brand supports. It was a good chance to network with many like-minded individuals as well as to get new ideas on how I can improve my brand further. I was also able to hand out my own advice based on my personal experience both with my brand and beyond this. 


I am not a resident of Tottenham although I did live here as a baby very briefly for a few months. You could say it was my first area of residence before we moved. Since the 2011 riots, it is great to see the area undergoing regeneration and making attempts to heal the wounds of the recent past. During tough economical times, it is always great seeing the works of young, talented individuals – mainly locally – get their chance to Make A Statement and celebrate the positives the area has to offer.


 *below is a mini slideshow of other images from the day. 

The Shoreditch Fashion Show @ Oval Space

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