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Happening in Portobello Market

I had the pleasure of marketing Labels Are Limitations at Portobello Market in the fashion section. Located in Notting Hill as you all know, this market attracts a vast array of different people from various cultures and it inevitably creates a fascinating atmosphere. 

Arriving at 6am for preparation, I knew exactly how I wanted to lay out the stall. Of course I had a bit of help from my mum who wanted to come along too. It was the first time I had done something like this as I am more used to promoting via social networks.  There were a few items I had to buy for my stall on the day as I wanted to ensure that my stall was executed to as best standard as possible without going overboard. (See image below).


 The day went really well with a lot of t-shirts selling as well as a lot of inquiries being lodged for t-shirts which had already sold out. One of the most popular t-shirts was the Les Yeux Sont Partout Graphical t-shirt which sold out first. The owners of more established nearby stalls were really cool, welcoming and informative on what to expect throughout the day. 

The only negative was that it rained in the early afternoon. However this did not dampen what was an incredible experience. I hope to return soon. 

*Date of event - 17th August 2013


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