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Think About It!


Take a look at the poster above. Hopefully you understand it. People often limit their perception of others based on how they label them. This is especially true if you do not actually know the person. Susan Boyle (of Britain’s Got Talent fame) arrived to a barrage of laughter and derision due to how the audience (and even some of the judges) had mentally labelled her. They thought: what can she achieve? This was all based on her appearance. Well, using her voice she has gone on to sell millions of records worldwide.

The same applies to Trayvon Martin who was judged and killed because of two labels which had been applied to him. 1) He was “black”. 2) He wore a “hoodie”. These limited the perpetrator’s view and understanding of an individual who was simply minding his own business. Trayvon was assumed to be ‘dangerous’...

Last of all, we have Leah Totton from The Apprentice. She started the process with the ‘blonde’ label implemented onto her due to her appearance. This limited some individual to assuming that she was not intelligent, but that she was purely there for glitz and glamour...a ‘bimbo’ without substance. She ultimately went onto winning The Apprentice. Lord Sugar doesn’t just pick anyone. You must have something about you...

Don’t automatically label someone before you have got to know them as it could limit your perceptions/understanding of that person. The message is in my brand logo, in my apparel, in my promotional material. Join the social movement and Make A Statement!

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