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A\W Ahead

It has come to that time of year; the time where we sweep away the dust to our autumnal designs and we get refining, developing, and producing in preparation for Autumn/Winter 2016.

Over the years, you have seen designs based on the likes of Notting Hill, roses, and eagle prints.

Now we look to go minimal in appearance. 

Official AW16 promo 1 | Made in London

Official AW16 promo 1 | Made in London

Minimalism can mean many things and that is what we are after. We will let you come up with your interpretations, rather than to simply tell you what we want you to think.

We will continue to continue our ethos of representing our message through our prints subtly whilst talking to our unisex demographic. Our new range will feature a handful of laid back, but impactful black and white prints which we serve as an ode to the inspiration we have sought via 'Beyond Limitations'. 

We are not looking to throw a lot of colour into our AW16 prints; a huge contrast to our SS16 range. This range will be more contemporary in look, but a look to suit all.

We want to see you strolling the streets in our designs; whether it is local in London, or anywhere across the world. We are one family, and we are here to 'Make A Statement'. 

The collection will see you shortly.

Structure and Simplicity

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