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2016 At A Glance | The Roots

We want to start by saying a "Happy New Year to everybody"! 

We hope you have seen it in in as fitting a way as possible and are ready to see what 2016 brings!

2016 will see us be even more explicit about the roots of Labels Are Limitations® and why we push the message we push. We will also show you even more behind-the-scenes of what we do and the groundwork that is put in to make our designs what they are today! We will also enable you to see a more in-depth look at why we come to some of the decisions we arrive at - giving you a richer experience of Labels Are Limitations®!

Today (01/01/2016) marks the last day of our Boxing Day / End of Year sales before prices return to their original valuations. We would love to connect with even more of you this year as we are delighted with the masses who discovered us last year - be it online or in person!

Here's to 2016: may it be filled with peace, happiness, and a lot of fashion ;)!


Roy Ikoroha

Owner/Designer of Labels Are Limitations®


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