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The keys behind Labels Are Limitations™ A/W14

The keys behind Labels Are Limitations™ A/W14

There has been no secret for a while now that my upcoming collection for Labels Are Limitations™ will centre around the Ace Of Spades, the Block, an Eagle, and the Handwritten L.A.L design from the brand’s A/W13 t-shirt...which incidentally just sold out recently!

Pictured above: Labels Are Limitations™ Ace of Spades unisex tee and Eagle On The Shoulder unisex tee

Pictured above: Labels Are Limitations™ Ace of Spades unisex tee and Eagle On The Shoulder unisex tee

Why these concepts?

The Ace of Spades has always been a concept – a symbol – that has interested me. It has several different definitions which means it has no set label...something which I love. Back when I was a child, I would often boot up the old Windows ’95 PC that I used to have and I would spend time playing Hearts, the game in which one must avoid reaching 100 points before anyone else. I found this game very addictive, and found the Spades collection very intriguing as it often was a huge factor in any game – it was in effect a “game changer”!

I decided that it was time to bring the Ace of Spades to Labels Are Limitations™. The smoky effect on the design represents that the ace gives off various meanings! This is to be the brand’s flagship A/W14 garment.

The Block symbol required a little less thought when it came to inspiration. I was blogging around and sifting through Tumblr whilst also designing out a template for the new A/W14 social media material when the Block concept came to mind - with regards to a new t-shirt design. Now the Block itself has several meanings – many would immediately think of the social media term which is to exclude someone from accessing your page (and subsequently your information). However I am looking at it from a “contrast” perspective. You may have noticed through past designs, that I do love the colours black and white, and the way they play off against one another. This includes the various variations of grey too! The slogan of Labels Are Limitations™ is to Make A Statement, and through contrast – this can be done! Many fashion conscious people these days do not simply want to “blend in” – they want to “stand out”!

The Eagle? For a while my mother had discussed with me the idea of implementing an eagle illustration onto the shoulder of a t-shirt. It was something which we had discussed very early this year in fact (may have even been late last year... maybe I’ll edit this blog when I remember). Here is my reasoning behind finally incorporating the design. We are all capable of “taking-off” and doing something incredible; whether it is minor or major.  Through the eagle on the shoulder – this represents an idea “taking off” into the wider world!

With regards to the Handwritten LAL concept, I wanted to bring back a strong design from the brand’s successful A/W13 tee - the Handwritten LAL t-shirt! The letters are an abbreviation of the brand. The words which make up each letter were individually handwritten by me before I sent them off to be professionally printed onto Labels Are Limitations™ t-shirts. The design will feature on our latest sweatshirt. Being Autumn/Winter – it’s ideal for the brand to be releasing another sweater for those colder months. I hope you do like it!

Pictured above: Handwritten L.A.L grey AW14 Sweatshirt 

Pictured above: Handwritten L.A.L grey AW14 Sweatshirt 

Thank you for reading this latest blog and hopefully you understand my vision for Labels Are Limitations™ A/W14 – available to order now through our online shop


Roy Ikoroha

Owner & Designer  

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