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AW15 x You

AW15 x You

Would you like to be a part of Labels Are Limitations®?

We are looking for a few volunteers (male/female) to model for our forthcoming AW15 collection, to be shot somewhere in London (location to be confirmed via email). We already have people in mind who we will photograph in late October, but we welcome others :)

We will allow you to freely use all subsequent imagery taken from the shoot for your own usage (royalty-free). Furthermore, we will offer you 50% off your first purchase with the brand!

It's an unpaid shoot.

Interested? If so, contact us today via our Contact page or at

Thank you.



Please note: We reserve the right to refuse applicants (i.e. if we feel we have enough people)

Marvin x Labels'

The Whisper Of AW15 Labels Are Limitations®

The Whisper Of AW15 Labels Are Limitations®