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The Curation of #OffCentre Part 2

Dear all,

We are proud to recently announce that we have released the follow up to SS17’s #OffCentre with our AW18 “#OffCentre - The 2nd Part”!

Remember that in Summer 2017 we released a yellow tee and a white tee with the words “…but was you with me on the come-up?”? We have updated this text to include the words “…but were you with me on the come-up?” and added it in gold supremely-stitched embroidery to a new black hoodie!


Why black? So many people have been asking about a black t-shirt/hoodie for a while considering our last black tee was SS15’s “Handwritten LAL” - part of a very successful collection for us! We have answered calls now with our black hoodie which like all our other designs, is crafted to the highest quality. All design and embroidery is done at or near our base in the south of England - mainly London!

What do the words mean? They question whether someone is with you on the whole of your journey; or whether they only appear when you are at, or appear to be at the top! We know that people get this as it is something quite entrenched in society these days. We are a brand who love raising awareness, and our latest design continues to channel that awareness! Remember who the real ones are in life!

We urge you to shop today! It would make an incredible Christmas gift!

Thank you for reading!

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