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Filling the blog piece with "Filling Pieces"

Recently, we passed through the ever-vibrant Shoreditch and one of its mainstays – Boxpark! We sifted through the cool containers – each inhabited by established and up-and-coming brands; and was completely taken with Amsterdam label Filling Pieces, of which we will post their contact details at the end of this blog post.

Filling Pieces

Filling Pieces

The assistant inside was lovely and very clear about Filling Pieces, what they represent, and their retail price points. They are currently having a sale where you can pick up shoes for around the £70-£100 mark. Usual prices are around the £150 mark. In our opinion, it is definitely worth the money! They go up to size 12 and use only the highest quality leather and fabrics in production.

Filling Pieces is about footwear which is both affordable and luxury! Our favourite pair of Filling Pieces’ is their Mountain Cut Navy Croc pair. You can find these here

Another of our favourites was these pairs (pictured below). 

Merchandise at Filling Pieces

Merchandise at Filling Pieces

The Filling Pieces website is as pristine as their brand itself is. They do a superb job of selling not just the footwear to a consumer, but the brand’s lifestyle too. You could say their intentions match ours, only that they have been established quite a bit longer – 2009 to be precise!

As Londoners with our London brand Labels Are Limitations™, we’re so grateful that Filling Pieces retail here too both in shops and online! They bring footwear-class! Their outlet in Boxpark is one of the standouts on a street which boasts a very diverse range of brands. 

Thank you for reading.

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Filling Pieces, Boxpark outlet

Filling Pieces, Boxpark outlet

Details we have of Filling Pieces can be found here:


Twitter: @FillingPieces

Instagram: @FillingPieces

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