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#OffCentre Now Live! (16.07.17)

With Labels Are Limitations® now making #OffCentre Summer ’17 live; I Roy Ikoroha will talk you through why I have decided to go with “#OffCentre” as our title for the collection release; as well as to talk about the design print itself!

My inspiration to the colour choices for Labels Are Limitations® #OffCentre came from playing close attention to the budding summer trends which were arising at the time – including the frequent use of yellow, and other pastel colours! Yellow stands out; yellow generates interest and conversation – something which I love my brand’s designs to do! I happened to be walking through Notting Hill at the time and saw many hazard signs and other yellow elements; and I liked how the yellow stands out! I have taken many photos in and around London of the many yellow elements which feature to build up an inspiration-base going forwards. You will notice on much of Labels Are Limitations’ PR material that the yellow caution sign features heavily – although in our case, we have spun caution to mean “pay attention”.

Nathan Ashley wears #OffCentre yellow - a part of our new collection. Photographed in Shoreditch.

Nathan Ashley wears #OffCentre yellow - a part of our new collection. Photographed in Shoreditch.

The #OffCentre name is born out of my wish to make it known to people that it is good to be different! Often people will stand on the fence or not be able to make their own decisions due to a “herd mentality” – something which on one hand is understandable, but on the other hand very frustrating and demeaning to you if you claim to be “independent”. Furthermore, you’ll see on our #OffCentre prints that we have the words “...but was you with me on the come-up?” included. First of all the word “was” has been deliberately included as opposed to “were” to exaggerate our desire for this range to define “different”. In the wider context – the text is making a statement and aligning to my brand’s wider ethos of “make a statement!” We are for those who support us or anyone else from the ground up – not just those who only support during the good times! This has been something on my mind for years, and now at last I have injected the thoughts into this season’s releases!

#OffCentre Summer ’17 consists of a yellow (daisy) coloured tee which is our flagship tee; and also a white variation. Exclusive to this, but very much part of our Summer ’17 collection is our Long-Sleeve Roses tee – which is an extension on our best selling original Roses tee which was released in SS15.

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Let’s go #OffCentre!


#OffCentre Live Event (15.07.17)