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#OffCentre Live Event (15.07.17)

Labels Are Limitations® proudly released its #OffCentre range at the Unit 5 Gallery in Hoxton this past Saturday to an amazing audience who witnessed wonderful fashion, musical performances and a pretty cool raffle to round things off! Labels Are Limitations® also dropped its official film for the release of the collection, which you can now see here on YouTube.

As the Owner and Designer of Labels Are Limitations®, I Roy Ikoroha am proud of the direction we are going in. We have been around officially for a little over three years now and we are happy with the experiences we are generating under our belts; alongside continuing to introduce our ranges to newer audiences!

#OffCentre kicked off with a range of commercial music [via Spotify] to lighten the mood before guests filled in and took their places. I opened with a speech marking the start of our debut live event talking the new releases and what to expect on the night!

Musical performances were then classily delivered by Mariam, Isatu Bangura, Aaron Anderson, and Jumee Bolagi with assistance from friends Wayne and Nathan! These well-received performances were followed up with our official #OffCentre film chronicling Labels Are Limitations® up to our present day, concluding with talking the present collection! In between performances allowed perfect time for mingling and for an enjoyment of the great food and drink laid on by my mother and friends. The night closed with a raffle brilliantly led by Marvin Ikoroha – a guy who not only is my brother – but is superb at running raffles! We now know a few people who we must say are delighted with their prizes which included a tee of one’s choice from the latest range!

I closed the event, giving a huge thank you to guests of the event prior to playing out one big photoshoot! Photos pending for this :)

Attendees of Saturday’s event were with us on the come-up – are you to join us in our journey to the top? Show your love today!

Thank you for reading!

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#OffCentre Now Live! (16.07.17)

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