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An Evening at the Prince’s Trust Christmas Fayre 2014

Last night, Labels Are Limitations™ had the privilege of being able to join several other up-and-coming businesses at the Prince’s Trust’s Christmas Fayre, held at their HQ near Liverpool Street station.

When I had found out that my business had been selected (following their callout, and me putting forward Labels Are Limitations™), I was delighted but nervous as the brand had not been involved in a formal Prince’s Trust event of this magnitude!

There was a lot to sort out; the updated business cards amongst other necessities, including a replenishment of A/W14 stock had to be sanctioned prior to yesterday! Adding to this, I had to buy a larger clothing rail as my trusty 4’ one would not have been sufficient for this occasion.

As an ever-growing business, you never know how an event is going to go. I have taken Labels Are Limitations™ to the likes of Spitalfields Market, Portobello Road Market, local church events and even a few pop-up shops – most recently being at Camden Collective for the “Branded Heritage” movement which celebrated British made brands! All these events came with a varying amount of success (some great and some not-so-great basically) which in effect made me curious about how the Prince’s Trust Christmas Fayre would go for the brand...then again, I am always curious, as one must be! Stripping all the previous away – I had a feeling some t-shirts (especially the Eagle on The Shoulder tee and the Ace Of Spades tee) would do better than others following their recent online success, since being released mid October! Furthermore, I had no idea where my brand would be positioned on the night, as position is everything! Go to any traders’ event and you will know EXACTLY what I am talking about!

Following all these thoughts, I whipped out the “industrial sized” suitcase – which was last used for an epic trip to Newcastle (UK) with my brother and friends, and how it was once described – to pack the required Labels Are Limitations™ gear!

On to the day itself; it was a requirement that we were there for half two (2:30pm) to set up our trader’s exhibition...but I arrived there at quarter to 1 (12:45pm) as I felt it was imperative to have more time to set up so that the Labels Are Limitations™ section looked as best as it could possibly look. An ethos that runs through our brand – that “nothing is done by half” – was the ethos I was determined to bring with me to the Christmas Fayre.

Following the assembly of my clothing rack, mannequin, hanging the tees and labelling (pricing) up the t-shirts; Labels Are Limitations™ was ready to go!

All set up at the Prince's Trust Christmas Fayre

All set up at the Prince's Trust Christmas Fayre

I have to say that the response on the day was fantastic! All of the businesses present (including mine) had a great amount of traffic, and with this ultimately I was able to make quite a few sales. The Eagle On The Shoulder t-shirt proved to be the most popular by well as the one which sparked the most intrigue!

The Eagle On The Shoulder tee proved very popular!

The Eagle On The Shoulder tee proved very popular!

It was a pleasure to stand and explain to customers the reasoning and inspiration behind starting Labels Are Limitations™ and what it stands for. Even if people chose not to buy from the brand, I loved portraying its message and the depth of it!

All in all, it was a great evening all thanks to the Prince’s Trust and I hope Labels Are Limitations™ will be involved in similar P.T. events in the future!

Reflecting back on the event, it went a lot better than I imagined it would! My expectations naturally are low regarding most things these days as I am one who does not like to assume anything will automatically do well. I was happy for my brand and I feel the Christmas Fayre will prove to be a significant part of our journey!

I - Roy Ikoroha – am very grateful for my affiliation with the Prince’s Trust. They have been massively inspirational and encouraging in helping me to strengthen and grow not only Labels Are Limitations™, but my own personal skills too. I forever strive to grow (not in height, I am tall enough thanks ;), a blueprint I want the brand to have too. So all in all Prince’s Trust; thank you!

Owner Roy Ikoroha at the conclusion of the Prince's Trust Christmas Fayre 2014

Owner Roy Ikoroha at the conclusion of the Prince's Trust Christmas Fayre 2014

Roy Ikoroha

Owner & Designer

Labels Are Limitations™

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The keys behind Labels Are Limitations™ A/W14

The keys behind Labels Are Limitations™ A/W14