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Retailing in the Prince's Trust shop!

Retailing in the Prince's Trust shop!

Hey all,

Great news for Labels Are Limitations®!

We will be “popping-up” in the Prince’s Trust shop: Tomorrow’s Store for a four week pop-up commencing the first of June!

As you know, our range of t-shirts and sweatshirts are unisex which suits all. June is also the month in which London Collections Men (#LCM) comes to town so the focus for fashion generally will be about what the latest menswear trends are. Do visit their website for that. There are sure to be many fashion experts in and about the capital, especially near where we will be based...a minute’s walk from Liverpool Street train station on Eldon Street.

Intro aside, what will feature at our pop-up and why should you pass by?

First thing’s first (no don’t say it in the way Ms Azalea says it...), what will feature at our pop-up is a range of our best t-shirts which feature in our online store. Heading the ranges will be our SS15 (use #SS15LAL on twitter) t-shirts which have proven very popular. Unlike our online store where you can’t get physical with our products prior to buying; you will be able to get a feel of the brilliant quality our t-shirts have, and why you should be a part of the Labels Are Limitations® family.

Furthermore, some of our AW14 t-shirts will be in stock too, so if you fancy one of these, but haven’t been sure whether to make a purchase; June is the month to put those doubts to rest! Our Ace of Spades tee and Eagle tees were particularly striking amongst our buyers. Some of our SS14 t-shirts will be available in limited supply too!

Last but not least, our classic flagship white big-logo tees will be on sale too. The journey started with them, and we are continuing to have them amongst our stock.

Why should you pass by?

Well as explained above, you will have the opportunity to get hands-on with our tees and to be able to feel the quality of them for yourself. In addition to this, owner Roy Ikoroha (to be honest, it is me writing this blog you read) will be in store often to talk to anyone interested in Labels Are Limitations®.

The Prince’s Trust is an amazing organisation and has been great for our brand so far. In the shop will not only be my business, but a few others too who have a June slot. So in addition to talking to me, you may get the chance of conversing with those other business owners too.

The weather (hopefully) will be amazing in June, although you never know in London these days! It should be t-shirt weather, so we would love if you did business with us...or even just visited to understand more about the Labels Are Limitations® story. We print all our t-shirts in the UK, with much of this being done in London. It’s often worth paying that little bit extra for a product you know will last you for ages!

Lastly, we would like to say that a good 30% of proceeds go towards the Prince’s Trust and all the great things that they do; so we would love to see you in June.

Support your local designers! Our pop-up address is included in our photo and below.

Many thanks for reading.



Prince’s Trust Tomorrow’s Store,

9 Eldon Street,



Yesterday’s; Today’s; Tomorrow’s

Yesterday’s; Today’s; Tomorrow’s

SS15 LAL has dropped!

SS15 LAL has dropped!