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A note directly from our owner Roy Ikoroha:

Why have I created a series inspired by UNLOCK?

I want people to feel that they can come out of their shells and fulfil their full potential. Whether one is an introvert or an extrovert; they can sometimes consciously or subconsciously be locking away their own full potential through fear – mainly of failure! I have been there myself so many times and continue to be sometimes! That being said, I know that I will never reach my max if I keep allowing fear to take hold!

I am one of the world’s shyest people deep down – honestly – and this sometimes makes me appear withdrawn or rude, which I most certainly am not – trust me ;)! If I was less shy, then I would definitely come across more engaging! I am sure I am not the only one who has experienced this scenario on loads of occasions! If you have experienced this, why not engage with me today – either on the brand’s Twitter or Instagram pages. Also you can connect and chat with me on my own pages if you wish - @RoyIkoroha for Twitter and @iamroyikoroha for Instagram!

The idea of UNLOCK goes beyond just my own experiences though – they concern human experiences as a whole! Many of us have talents way beyond what we even know, but an incorrect mentality prevents us from fulfilling this potential to its max!

Furthermore, there are plenty of examples of individuals who have not allowed themselves to be ‘locked-in by circumstance! I recently had an awesome student named Tommy who shadowed me in my work for the brand (as well as graphical design and photographic endeavours). Tommy has cerebral palsy, but he has not allowed it to prevent him from striving to do the things he loves. He has a great interest for photography and has not allowed the fact he is right-hand-weak to stop him from learning the key elements of a digital camera. I would go as far to say he has helped me formulate some of the designs for this pending SS18 collection release! I am so proud of him, as are his peers!

Why navy and pink for this season?

Navy and pink have long been colours I have wanted to work with and as both colours happen to be trending this season (see our Beyond Limitations page for the inspo). The main focus will be on the ever-popular pink in the unisex game with a blue print!

When is it out?

Designs are penned to be complete by late April/early-mid May, although I am not giving an exact date at this point. One design has already been produced, with the rest to come very soon!


Thank you for reading.


Roy Ikoroha – Owner/Designer


P.s. Dear River Island…you can’t beat the originals (us)….


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