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World Cup Label

Dear all our L.A.L™ followers,

This year's World Cup in Brazil has been outstanding don't you think?! The words you can associate it with are: live, exhilarating, unpredictable and patriotic - with every nation playing their part. Who has been your team of the tournament so far? You can let us know on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages :)

L.A.L™ is all about Making A Statement; and the Brazilian World Cup has definitely gone with this notion! The first thing you see and hear when the television or laptop is switched on (or loaded up etc etc) are the incredible fans from whichever team is playing. In addition to this, the BBC and ITV do well in getting us into the World Cup spirit with their opening music, especially the latter's; with it's Braaaaasil, Braaaaasil music! The video is below:

Great music don't you think ;)

The World Cup has already amassed so many spectacular moments; whether it was James (pronounced "Ham-ez") Rodriguez's wonder strike vs Uruguay for Colombia recently, or Tim Cahill's strike vs the Dutch for the Aussies in the group stages; there have been many statement moments during this tournament. I could write an encyclopedia of all the great moments this World Cup has offered...but we'll leave that to the main sporting bloggers, we're about FASHION ultimately ;)! 

On to our host nation Brazil. How do you think they have done? Tweet us your thoughts (@LALimitations). At L.A.L™ we still have our Brazil Pastels tee available for both men and women. Are you ready to be a buyer? We'd love you to be as there is plenty of space in our galleries to showcase you Making A Statement! 

We believe this World Cup will go down as one of the greatest we've witnessed (hopefully we haven't jinxed it now!!). 

We'll be blogging again soon! Do check out our Tumblr Beyond Limitations page where we have blogged about the World Cup pictorially!

Thank you for reading.


Roy Ikoroha

Owner: L.A.L™

Autumn/Winter 2014

Audio Abduction UK x L.A.L™

Audio Abduction UK x L.A.L™