1. By no means must any of the material on this site be used elsewhere, unless permission is given.
  2. You may not try to replicate any of the brand/personal material which is included. 
  3. All inquiries will be answered within 24hrs of submission.  
  4. You are allowed to submit your own material and if approved, it will feature on the site (re. gallery imagery). 
  5. We are open to clothing inquiries internationally.  
  6. All rights to material are held by Labels Are Limitations® & Roy Ikoroha only.  
  7. If any of these terms and conditions are broken; expect the strongest possible action to be taken against you.



Beyond Limitations features photography which is "reblogged" which means the imagery has been shared through others. Labels Are Limitations® claims no ownership of these photos. Most of our original photography is stated. The same applies for Pinterest


Some Labels Are Limitations® photography is in association with Roy Ikoroha Design (