Story: Vision, Design, Implementation


Labels Are Limitations® has been created by London designer Roy Ikoroha. 


Back in 2011, he had the exciting idea of creating an urban premium brand which not only looks and feels great, but also speaks out against the limitations a label can bring! Due to university commitments, it was not until late 2012 that initial designs began to become physical clothing. 

The message Labels Are Limitations® embodies is that one must not label someone as this could limit their wider perception of that individual. He himself serves as an example: as a tall, black man - people often presume that he plays basketball, which he does not. Another example which can be can given is often blondes' intelligence is misconceived due to the "label" blonde - for example Leah Totton on BBC's The Apprentice was viewed as a "glamour girl" with no substance. She went on to prove them wrong by winning the show! 

The background to Ikoroha's unique Labels Are Limitations® designs includes London, architecture, faith and a rejection of labels!



How did he come about the logo design? "Using extensive experience in graphic design, it helped me to develop a conceptual logo which incorporates the letters L, A and L."


Labels Are Limitations® is behind premium quality t-shirts and sweatshirts. Ikoroha aims is to have the brand rolled out across many clothing products and accessories in the coming months. All clothing is inspired, designed, and created in London. He does all the designs himself! Join the Labels Are Limitations® movement: Make A Statement!


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